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Mila's Background

Hi! I'm Mila. I am the Executive Pastry Chef at Mila's Splendid Sweets and I am aYoga Teacher, Fitness Fanatic, Pack Leader and an Artist. I treat myself to one of my sweets every day. This French way of eating allows me to stay fit, active and happy.

My love of preparing food began when I was five years old in front of my grandparents' summer home. On warm days, using an old wooden bench as a table, I sliced discarded orange peels and watermelon crusts into perfect little cubes for my playtime salads. On cool days, I donned my long red coat and assisted my grandfather in making plum lekvar. And every day, I would play amongst the animals that gave us milk, cream, cheese and eggs.

When I got tall enough to reach the stove, I began seriously cooking and baking. In addition to baking cakes, I have a fondness for preparing Raw Food, and cooking Indian, Jamaican, and Serbian Entrees.

My sixteen year Art Practise and my training as a Designer allows me to create modern and elegant cakes. I create each cake the way I would a Work of Art, meticulously, attending to every detail.

I received my Pastry Chef training at George Brown College and I have a Bachelor of Design Degree from OCADU.

I received my Food Handler Certification from the Government of Ontario on September 3, 2015. My certificate number is 2264-15-288460. I do my large scale production at Food Starter's Commercial Bakery at 76 Densley Drive, M6M 2R3, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I like to have many projects going at once, but dessert, yoga, fitness and my pups are my life.