Treat Yourself!

Do you want to eat cake every day and look and feel incredible?

I do! So you can too!

If you treat yourself to a small low sugar sweet made with the best, organic and fresh, ingredients you can have your cake and eat it too!

My products are made with the care of a grandmother. I do not use any chemicals or corn sugars in my cakes. And I care deeply about the animals and people involved with my ingredients so I only buy organic and fair trade from small local companies.


Mila’s Splendid Sweets is all about the best. I am always trying new things to find the best, organic and fresh, ingredients for my cakes.

All of my cakes are 100% Organic because I care deeply about the animals that give me my raw ingredients and the ones that live in the jungles where my coffee and cocoa beans grow. I also care deeply about people, which is why I buy Fair Trade ingredients from small companies like Vintage Plantations and Birds & Beans.

I currently use Stirling Organic Churn 84 European Butter, Rowe Farms Organic Free Run eggs, Organic Meadow Milk and Cream,Vintage Plantations Chocolate (Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade), Birds & Beans Coffee (Bird Friendly, Organic, Fair Trade), Oak Manor Organic Flour, Camino Organic Cane Sugar (Fair Trade), Red Fife by Rowe flour (where stated in the ingredients list).

I do not use any sugars or starches derived from corn, like glucose or corn syrup, giving my glazes a matte, instead of shiny, finish. I am working on developing relationships with local farmers for my vegetables and flours.


Everything I put in my cakes starts with raw ingredients that I minimally process myself.

I do not use any chemicals in my products. I colour my buttercreams with vegetable juices that I juice myself. I only make French and Italian buttercream because it tastes better and allows for more sugar adjustments.

I roast raw, whole nuts slowly on low heat so that they retain their healthful benefits and best possible flavor. When I need clarified butter, caramel, nut paste or marzipan, I make it myself. And I use steel and copper cookware and bakeware instead of the industrial aluminum.

I make my large orders at Food Starter's Commercial Bakery at 76 Densley Drive, M6M 2R3, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For small scale work I rent commerical cafe bakeries.